Diode Dynamics Debuts Polaris RZR UTV Light Kits at Dunefest 2023

Diode Dynamics Debuts Polaris RZR UTV Light Kits at Dunefest 2023
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Diode Dynamics Debuts Polaris RZR UTV Light Kits at Dunefest 2023

From August 8th-13th, UTV enthusiasts from around the country descended upon the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area in Winchester Bay, Oregon to experience Dunefest 2023! Diode Dynamics was a part of the fan-favorite event in which UTV riders and other off-road enthusiasts gathered to enjoy the thrill of dune riding and explore the latest innovations in the UTV side-by-side industry. 

"Dunefest 2023 was the most thrilling event of the entire year," said John Collier, Social Media Community Manager at Diode Dynamics. "The activities, environment, and community surrounding the side-by-side market are on another level."

DuneFest was certainly a memorable event for all who attended. From the full-throttle drag strip races to the gravity-defying Infiniti Huck jumping contest, DuneFest had plenty of captivating competitions that thrilled competitors and spectators alike!

While attendees enjoyed the many different activities at the event, they were also eager to see the latest products from exhibitors in vendor row. That's why the picturesque dunes and vibrant atmosphere of Dunefest were the perfect setting to debut the highly anticipated Stage Series UTV Light Kits for the Polaris RZR Pro!

Check out the video below to see highlights of the excitement during Dunefest 2023! Then keep reading to learn more about the debut of the Polaris RZR Pro Stage Series UTV Light Kits and see them in action during the Diode Dynamics sponsored Night Ride!

Dunefest Highlight Video


Stage Series Lights at Dunefest

While Dunefest attendees were entertained by the heart-pounding displays of UTV rider skills, we were pleased to see how enthusiasts adapted our Stage Series LED UTV lights to enhance their dune-shredding builds.

This enthusiast mounted white and amber 12-inch Stage Series light bars to their build for an increased punch in light output and contrast for better visibility while driving through inclement weather or dusty environments. 

At Dunefest 2023, we noticed our SS5 LED Pods with our combo optic on several custom UTV builds. On this Polaris RZR, the driver upgraded their UTV Lights by mounting two SS5 LED Pods to the lower bumper area. The combination of the flood and driving optics provides optimal foreground lighting and throws light far ahead for riding at speed! 

Polaris RZR Pro R Stage Series UTV Light Kits Debut

Seeing how UTV riders in the off-road community utilize our Stage Series products to enhance their Polaris RZR lights is what led us to develop purpose-built UTV light kits specifically for the vehicle!

Dunefest 2023 was the perfect place to debut the six new Stage Series UTV Light Kits for the Polaris RZR Pro R! Check out the debut below, and keep reading for more details.


The performance-focused kits included:

The performance-focused Stage Series UTV Light Kits for the Polaris RZR Pro are the perfect lighting upgrades whether you're speeding through trails or conquering dunes! If you plan to get the most out of your Polaris RZR Pro side-by-side, adding these kits is a must! They not only add powerful, focused light output to the RZR, but also add visibility that lets other UTV drivers see you more clearly. This added visibility makes riding in your UTV a much safer and more enjoyable experience!

Aside from all of the incredible light output and added functionality that these kits offer, the Stage Series LED Light Pods included in each of them feature a backlight function that adds a uniform eye-catching accent light to enhance your RZR's style.

The pods all use our custom-engineered TIR optics which efficiently collect the emitted light from the LEDs and focus it directly where you need it. This prevents glare and allows riders to cut through dusty environments for better visibility when driving your UTV!

All of these highly anticipated Stage Series UTV Light kits were able to be experienced on Diode Dynamics' featured Polaris RZR Pro R parked right by our mobile showroom. However, we had one more way to show off the increased light output and functionality of these kits. 

Diode Dynamics Night Ride


This year, Diode Dynamics was the official sponsor of the Dunefest Night Ride. "The opportunity to sponsor the night rides by our team here at Diode Dynamics couldn't have been a better opportunity to showcase the performance of our Stage Series UTV lighting products!" John Collier said. "The off-road vehicles equipped with them led the pack with confidence in every condition the dunes threw our direction from dust, debris, fog, and more!"

Dunefest riders ripped up the evening dunes in a mesmerizing display of lights and speed. It was exciting to see our Diode Dynamics featured Polaris RZR Pro build leading the charge and lighting the way with the Stage Series UTV Light Kits. It was a memorable evening for us and all who continued the ride into the night!


Dunefest 2023 in Winchester Bay, Oregon was another great opportunity to be a part of the growing UTV side-by-side community. It was entertaining to be a part of the event and the enthusiastic response to the debut of the purpose-built Stage Series Polaris RZR Lights was great to see.

It was also great to not only be a part of but to sponsor the Night Ride, which is also a memorable event for Dunefest attendees! Diode Dynamics is proud to continue supporting the passionate community and providing the best UTV lights to add functionality, safety, and style to their rides!

Want to see where Diode Dynamics will be next? Check out our Events page and see if we'll be at an event near you. 

Ready to Buy Stage Series LED Off-Road Lights?

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