Unauthorized Sellers

Unauthorized Sellers
When purchasing Diode Dynamics products online, is important to know the difference between a Diode Dynamics Authorized Dealer, and an unauthorized seller. Authorized Dealers are those who obtain products directly from Diode Dynamics, LLC or our distribution partners. Unauthorized sellers are those we cannot identify, and are unable to validate where the product originated from. In some instances, the product may be counterfeit, used, or even stolen.

Help us by reporting unauthorized sellers! If you believe a product listing may be counterfeit or in violation of Diode Dynamics policies, please email us with a link: [email protected]


As we cannot identify the origin or condition of products purchased through unauthorized sellers, warranty will not be honored for purchases made from unauthorized sellers.

Check Before You Buy
Make sure to validate the seller you choose to purchase from. On Amazon, check to see whether they have an independent company website, and try contacting their customer support. Make sure the seller is legitimate. Make sure they are not listed below. The unauthorized sellers listed below are not authorized to sell Diode Dynamics products. You can always contact us directly for confirmation if you prefer.

If you purchase from these unauthorized sellers, you will not receive warranty support, and you may receive merchandise that is counterfeit, used, or stolen:

  • Velocity Mania LLC, Amazon seller (also goes by Inertia Auto Performance, Iron Auto, TFNF, Zoom Auto, Uptown Auto, Velocity Group)
  • Zoom Auto, Amazon seller
  • Uptown Auto, Amazon seller
  • Ask A Jeeper, Amazon seller
  • 4WheelOnline, Amazon seller
  • Performance Guarantee, Amazon seller
  • Daniel Krill, Facebook Marketplace
  • WholesaleUSA12, eBay seller
  • After Market Auto, Amazon seller
  • Performance Guarantee, Amazon seller
  • Amazon.com Services, Inc., Amazon seller
  • LEDWholesaleLLC
  • Prime_Warehouse
  • IPC-STORE, Amazon Seller
  • EK Direct, Amazon Seller
  • PartsHawk, LLC
  • randomgoodzzz, eBay seller
  • www.discountbandit.com, Website
  • ApexTraders, Amazon seller
  • Cardinal Motorsports, Amazon seller
  • RST Garage, Amazon seller
  • AskAJeeper, Amazon seller
  • partsupplyhouse, eBay seller
  • Imzy Automotive LLC, Amazon seller
  • Bijli!, Amazon seller
  • Lifeline Brands, Amazon seller
  • Castles, Amazon seller
  • Deep Discount Dealer (Redline Motorsports), Amazon seller
  • XizerfaStore, Amazon seller
  • The Engine Bay, Amazon seller
  • Tucky's Automotive, Amazon seller
  • DD Alibaba: https://us1557789753pwax.trustpass.alibaba.com/, Website
  • Silicon Valley Commerce LLC - lifeline brands (Amazon)
  • Canada Direct - Often Ships Same Day!, Amazon Seller
  • truswag, eBay seller
  • DollarHog, eBay seller