When is your next sale or promotion?

We typically only run 2 sales a year; on Fourth of July and Black Friday weekend in November. If we run any extra promotions, we will have that clearly labeled on our website and social media pages. **Unfortunately, we cannot offer any product discounts or promo codes outside of our normal sale dates due to the MRP policy we have with our vendors**.

I don’t see a listing for my vehicle; does Diode Dynamics carry products for it?

If we have not confirmed bulb sizes on you specific year/make/model, then a vehicle specific listing will not be available. You can obtain the bulb sizes from your owner’s manual or if you would like to remove the bulbs you are trying to replace, you can send us pictures of the bulbs in question and we can cross-reference those for you visually. Once you know the bulb size needed, you can order by size directly from our Universal Bulb Listing page!

Where can I get my Diode Dynamics products installed?

We have over 600 installers and retailers worldwide, so chances are very good that we will have someone in our network to get you in touch with. Check out our Dealer Locator where you can search by zip code to see who we have located in your area!


Did my order ship? When will I get my tracking number?

We email all tracking numbers at the end of the business day, 5pm CST. If you placed your order last night, or today before 12pm CST, will have a tracking number emailed to you by the end of the business day unless something in your order is out-of-stock.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the total weight of the package and where it’s being shipped to. To see a quote for shipping costs, simply create your order through our website with your preferred shipping address, then you will be presented with shipping options, and costs, before your order is submitted!

I didn’t get my package! What should I do?

First, we recommend speaking with your immediate neighbors to see if they received your package in error. (If you reside in an apartment building, make sure to ask the front desk if your package may have been left with them.) If you still cannot locate your package, you will need to contact the delivery service that was chosen at checkout, either USPS or UPS, to file a missing package claim. (You will just need to provide them with the tracking number for your package to file a claim.) In most cases the package will be recovered, but if not, just be sure to relay the claim number to us for further help!

Are customs fees charged for international shipments?

International shipments are marked with the value of your purchase price. International customers are responsible for any tariffs or customs fees that may be associated with their shipment.


Do I need CANBUS Anti-Flicker Modules?

Some newer vehicles have a very picky CANBUS electrical system that will produce bulb-out warnings from installing after-market lighting. This can typically be resolved with a set of our CANBUS Anti-Flicker Modules. To see which vehicles typically require antiflicker modules, click here.

Where is my vehicle’s turn signal flasher located? Does my vehicle have a turn signal flasher?

A vehicle’s turn signal flasher will be located in the fuse box under your steering column, or sometimes in the fuse box of your engine bay. To find it, simply engage your turn signals, then search for a small module that’s making a “clicking” noise. Once you locate the origin of the clicking noise, that will be your stock flasher! (Keep in mind that most newer vehicles have an integrated flasher that cannot be removed.) If the clicking is coming from a module that cannot be taken out, you will need to install load resistors to resolve hyper-flashing instead. Click here for more information on flashers and resistors.

What should I do if my RGB LEDs are stuck on Green?

If the LEDs are green, that can be a good thing! Seeing only green means that your kit is working but the polarity is currently backwards on one or more of the plugs. In order to correct this, you will need to flip the connectors of the kit, one by one, until you can determine which connection is backwards. You can watch our RGB Troubleshooting Video to see how this is done!

My interior LED bulb does not work after the initial install, is it broken?

If your 194 interior LED bulb is not working at first installation, just remove the bulb, pull the 2 pins on the base of the bulb outward to a 45 degree angle, and then rotate it 180 degrees before reinstalling. (If the pins are not making solid contact in the socket then the bulb will not function properly.) If your festoon or loop-style interior LED bulb is not working upon the initial installation, simply remove the bulb, flip it end over end, and then reinstall it. If that doesn’t work, contact us for a replacement under our 3 Year Warranty!

What is the difference between 5000K and 6000K?

A 6000K/Cool White color temperature has a hint of blue color to it, and a 5000K/Pure White color temperature has no color at all. While 6000K is our most popular selection, 5000K will give you a little bit better visibility at night!

What’s the difference between RGB, RGBW, and RGBWA Products?

RGB lighting has Red, Green and Blue LED chips to create just about any color shade you can think of, besides a true White. RGBW lighting has RGB LEDs along with a dedicated White LED chip for legal on road use during the day or at night. Some of our custom LED products are considered RGBWA, which means they have all of the functionality of our RGBW LED products, plus a blinking Amber turn signal function!

What is the Halo/Ring size for my vehicle?

We list all of our LED Halos by the outer diameter in millimeters. If we don’t have your vehicle listed on our Fitted Halos page, you will need to obtain that measurement or contact us for further assistance.

Do the Mustang Sequencer or 4th Brake modules work with my European/Australian spec Mustang?

Unfortunately, due to differences in both the wiring and factory connectors, we do not offer a compatible version of these products for any EU/AU 2015+ Mustang, at this time.

Will the WRX/STi C-Light DRL harness work for my vehicle?

Our WRX/STi C-Light DRL harness is only compatible with the Diode Dynamics WRX/STi C-Light Switchback LED Halos.

Why are my interior LEDs glowing dimly and not turning all the way off?

In “dimmer” circuits, all Diode Dynamics LEDs will dim off, just like your factory bulbs do. However, there is sometimes a very small amount of power, only a few milliamps, left running in the circuit once the vehicle has dimmed the lights completely. This doesn't happen with stock lights because incandescent bulbs require more current to illuminate. Since LEDs need much less current to illuminate, this residual power can make them glow slightly when they are supposed to be off. This is not using any more power than your factory bulb, and should be no cause for concern.

What should I do if my SL1 LEDs are not aligned properly after installation?

Our SL1 LEDs have adjustable collars for this. If this occurs on your vehicle, just watch our Instructional Video for a step-by-step tutorial!