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Sidemarker LED Lighting Upgrades

Sidemarkers are small lamps that add illumination and reflectivity to the side of a vehicle. At Diode Dynamics, we design and manufacture LED sidemarkers with upgraded styling and performance.

Unlike other options on the market, our sidemarkers are produced with optically-correct reflector patterns, known as retroreflectors. While much more expensive, this provides reflectivity and a premium OEM-style appearance. And instead of a single bulb or dot of light, Diode Dynamics sidemarkers have a strip of LEDs, packed with high density to create a uniform glow, with a much more modern look.

When you buy sidemarker LED lighting from Diode Dynamics, you receive a product that is manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri and tested to DOT/SAE standards - including photometric, environmental, and electrical stress. We currently produce Camaro sidemarkers, Jeep sidemarkers, and Mustang sidemarkers, but stay tuned for more models!