2015-2017 Dodge Challenger Multicolor DRL LED Boards

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  • Upgrade your factory rings with direct fitment
  • Choose any color, or pure white
  • Bright enough to see during day
  • RGBW Multicolor and White

An LED controller is required for operation. You can use RGB, but you'll need RGBW to unlock the product's full potential.

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2015-2017 Dodge Challenger Multicolor DRL LED Boards

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The Dodge Challenger has a white "halo" LED accent in the headlights. It is illuminated by a circuit board that holds small 1210-size white LEDs. Our replacement LED halo boards utilize high-power RGBW LEDs instead! The RGB function allows for full multicolor control using any standard RGB controller, to accent the look of your Challenger and make it stand out on the road.

This product is not just RGB though- it is RGBW! That means there is an LED chip that is specifically white in color, right next to the standard red, green, and blue chips. By using an RGBW controller rather than the standard RGB, you can activate and control the white chip independently of the colors. This provides a much more uniform, pure, and bright white color than the traditional method of combining all RGB signals, so you can keep a clean, factory white appearance for everyday driving.

You don't have to align and fasten LEDs by hand- this is an OEM-grade solution, with exact fitment, and perfect alignment of the new LEDs. Just remove the factory boards, and ours fit directly in place. Your order includes two sets of LED boards, one for each side.

To drive the high-power LEDs safely, a new constant-current, waterproof, inductive driver is included for each set. You will also need a standard RGB or RGBW controller. Controllers can usually be powered by any standard 12V source. We recommend connecting to the parking light signal, so this module lights up when the parking lights or headlights are on. Remember, when you're not showing off, you can set the LEDs to pure white for everyday use.

Professional installation is strongly recommended, as the factory headlights must be opened in order to replace the LED panels. Wiring instructions are included to identify the wire colors required to power your controller.

All Diode Dynamics products are backed by a 3-year replacement warranty. 

Made in USA by Diode Dynamics Manufacturing.

Year 2015,2016,2017
Make Dodge
Model Challenger
Application LED Boards
  1. Best Halo's you can get!!! Review by Ronald

    I'm an Admin for one of the biggest Mopar Clubs in California Golden State Mopars and we are only using this company for our RGBW setups in our cars plus we use Diode Dynamics for other things as well. They just make quality products and stand by their parts. Super easy install for these lights just watch the video they provided and be patient that is key. These Led Boards are just excellent quality 19 club members are already using this product or the Challenger and Charger. (Posted on 3/13/17)

  2. Absolutely In Love Review by Mark

    Could not be more satisfied with the results of these boards. I wasn't sure how bright they were going to be, but they definitely make a bold statement. Definitely an aesthetic upgrade. (Posted on 2/20/17)

  3. Great product Review by Raw Performance of Abilene

    We installed these LED boards on a customers car with no issues at all. Highly recommended and we can get them installed for you. (Posted on 12/23/16)

  4. Great addition Review by Stephen

    Diode dynamics did a great job with these boards. Colors are vibrant and add a new appeal to an already great looking car. A must have for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd either at car shows or just driving around. Will definitely come back to DD whenever I have another project to work on. Keep up the great work everyone at DD! (Posted on 12/6/16)

  5. Nice so far in 15 Challenger Review by billb

    Hard to go wrong at $150. I used a local installer who did great work. I hate to dink quality and maybe I'm being unrealistic, but I really wish these lights were about 3 times as bright. If you've seen late model Challenger then you know the factory halos are pretty bright AND those always-on parking/turn signals in front are CRAZY BRIGHT. So DD's halos are washed out by those parking lights and can hardly be seen in the sun. I would say these are for show only, and even then only the evening shows. I also agree with other reviewers about blue-tooth. The remote is very sensitive. My DD halos seem to come on all by themselves. So Bluetooth is the way to go. That way you could pick a color without having to get out of the car to look at you halo's status. So the big "star-dink" here is brightness. Wish wish wish they were brighter. (Posted on 9/19/16)

  6. You won't be disappointed! I can't say enough about this product and their support. Review by Michael

    If you have a Challenger and are looking to upgrade to factory halos to multicolor AND still have the factory white.. these are for you! Yes, you have to take apart the headlights but honestly, it's not that hard. I bought a $15 heat gun from harbor freight and used that to heat up the seal. Just take your time and heat a section and pry it apart slowly working your way around the headlight. I used a simple flathead screwdriver to pry with. Drill a hole in the back of the headlight big enough for the electrical plug to go through. Replace the factory boards with the new RGBW boards and seal the headlight back together. I used a tube of black silicone I bought at a local parts store then used clamps to squeeze it all together while the silicone sat up.
    I first wired them directly to my battery which I ended up changing because I had to turn them on and off with the remote. I forgot to turn them off a few times so I decided to change the wiring. I contacted their support via email and had a return within minutes with directions and a diagram showing me where they recommended making the wiring attachments. A few days later I had a problem with them going off on their own...again their support is top notch. I was able to send videos showing the problem and pics of wiring I had done. It was determined I was having a controller problem. They immediately sent a new controller free of charge. I've also called them on the phone, the person on the phone is actually very knowledgeable about their products and is able to give advice and technical support on the spot.
    If you have any questions give em a call. They won't disappoint. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a Challenger or any other vehicle application for that matter. (Posted on 9/8/16)

  7. Im Pretty Happy ! Review by Eric

    first off i brought the rgbw boards and fogs came with two remotes that i thought was stupid cuz they never would match prefect with each other. So i tried using one controler which i did get to work but only having the halos wired with a relay ....DO NOT WIRE (Posted on 8/19/16)

  8. You get for what you pay...excellent quality Review by Javier

    Get you taken care right away. Helped me out with a few questions through email. Easy installation overall. Recommend it for anyone that's in the market to light there car up. (Posted on 8/15/16)

  9. OOOHH AAAAAAAAHHHH WOOO!!!! Review by Daniel

    These LED boards are excellent quality!

    Took me about 1.5-2 hours for the whole process,but having the right tools can really make a difference!

    Front Clip
    1.Remove front wheels for better access
    2.Use rivet removal tool for wheel-well splash-guard rivets
    3.Remove bolt on splash guard, and nut holding front clip (located)behind splash guard in top corner(use long extension to reach)
    4. Open hood,remove plastic covers, and remove 6 plastic clips holding the top of the front clip
    5.Remove nuts holding the front clip on each front top corner
    6. Remove screws holding front air damn on the underside of front clip
    7.Front clip is latched on by clips on left and right side,just grab each side and pull out,than gently pull front clip off(if fog lights installed make sure to mind wires connected to front clip)
    8. Remove 3 bolts holding each headlight,than pull forward to release from rear clip(needs a hard pull)
    9.Disconnect headlight wire harness

    Headlight Baking

    1. Set over to bake at 350
    2. Place headlight assembly on baking sheet with aluminum foil under headlight to prevent direct contact with hot metal
    3. Place in oven for 7-8 minutes(use your nose,you can smell when it is about ready)
    4. Using gloves remove from oven and using a flat head screwdriver pop the clips than just work the headlight crack/gap in a circle over and over and over increasing the gap with every pass (without rushing and using force the lens should come off easy in just a few minutes)
    5.Follow Diode Dynamics LED Board installation video
    6.Place lens back on and put in oven at 350 for 3-5 minutes to soften adhesive
    7.than clamp together to make sure its properly sealed
    (I used high temp clear silicon around the edges to ensure that no water and air can get back into assembly,don't forget the circle hole on inner side)

    Than Follow the removal steps in revers and put the car back together!!

    Hope this provides some insight for those wanting to do this on their own!! MAKE SURE YOU BUY MORE RIVETS TO REPLACE OLD ONES!!!!

    This is an excellent product!!!!!

    Only note for the Diode team

    Invest in better wire taps,and i would really like to see a Bluetooth capability for these like on your RGB products (Posted on 8/11/16)

  10. Awesome Review by Tammy

    These light are easy to get install and the remote is easy too. . Great price. They make my car look good. (Posted on 6/23/16)

  11. Execellent Product Review by Derek

    As a direct replacement for the stock LED boards, this product is awesome. Install was simple enough for a DIY. When I run into an issue with wiring to the parking lights (they would drop power after a few seconds when in pulsing mode) the Diode Dynamics team helped me resolve quite quickly. They have a great customer service. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend their products. (Posted on 5/14/16)

  12. great product LOVE IT!!! Review by Dennis

    First i want to start off by saying that this product is a led board not a halo light clip or even a light strip. THIS IS WHY I PREFER THIS PRODUCT COMPARED TO OTHERS ON THE MARKET! the replacement board literally takes place of dodges led light board. The lights are controlled by a remote that is a little complicated to use but you'll get the hang of it. there is a bunch of options you can select from to display different colors or flashing/fading colors. i would also recommend getting the fog lights just to make the lights match. from the other reviews it sounds like you might want to have a professional install these. that's what i did, if you are in the east bay area of california then i would say call KUTTEK WERKZ they did a great job for me.

    IF THEY EVER COME OUT WITH AN APPLICATION FOR YOUR PHONE THAT WOULD MAKE THIS ITEM EVEN BETTER!!! because no one wants to use a remote controller for their car if they could use there phone. (Posted on 5/6/16)

  13. Final product worth the effort. ...but wasn't sure at first. Review by ShakerBee

    Ordered the RBGW halos for the wife's new Plumb Crazy 2016 Challenger so halos would match the car. We watched all the videos on baking the headlights apart and felt should be no trouble. I was leary of taking the front of her baby aprart to get to the headlights. WELL...getting the light assembly off the car was no trouble. Getting the head light assembly apart....was ANOTHER MATTER. I'm no "newbie" at vehicle mods and such and know to take care not to pry too hard. So maybe I wasn't agresive enough . Those suckered are a pain to get apart. I gave up "baking" and used a heat gun. They are silicone together and it doesn't give up easily! We were discouraged but pressed on. Finally got them apart and the new boards in. Wiring was no problem, other than none of the wire markings seemed to match from board to board. We spent 2 days from start to finish (including an rgb light in the scoop and uv led in the interior). This isn't an hour job for sure and not for the faint hearted. Now, several weeks later I can write an objective review because the appearance is awsome... and worth it (although next time I would cut the lights open and makes some sort of flange seal). (Posted on 5/5/16)

  14. Awesome product Review by Tammy

    They look great and easy to use the remote. What I like was the wireless remote. (Posted on 4/30/16)

  15. Not bad Review by Roberto

    Had bought some last year and a month later started messing up it was a hassle to get them replaced but ended up getting a new kit wish they were brighter but other than them messing up a month later not bad. (Posted on 3/7/16)

  16. LOVE this product Review by Skip

    Hey guys... in regards to this purchase. I was bummed about having to take the front clip off the car but fit wasn't a huge deal... actually the hardest part was separating the lenses from the light housing... believe me.... it was difficult. Pretty sure I invented some nasty words during the process. All in all I'm thrilled with the out come... the remote is a but difficult to understand but I just hit buttons till the color I want is displayed.. LOVE this product. We have a small issue though. When first installed and wired up with power off... upon start up the halos flashed and then went off. Flashed once more and stayed off... using a meter I saw I had no power to the controller anymore.. upon inspection, the diode that looks like a fuse link which is in between the driver and the controller has been compromised. I wound up having to straight wire direct off of the charging posts under hood to get them to work.. I would rather run the fuse link however and would love it if you guys could ship another one to the same address as you shipped the assembly originally. Thanks so much. Great stuff!
    (Posted on 2/5/16)

  17. Best halo product on the market Review by Bdjoe

    Easily the best 2015 challenger halo product on the market. Price is excellent. Quality is top notch. Fitment is spot on. Full installation took me 2 hours including opening the headlights, and was simple as simple can get. Instruction video and details were excellent. I recommend Diode Dynamics to anyone looking for custom lighting (Posted on 10/17/15)

For complete installation guide please click here

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