Angel Eye Kit for 2010-2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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DIY angel eye kit for your vehicle!
  • Multicolor SMD LED

MULTICOLOR ONLY: Required for Installation

OPTIONAL: This kit includes a LED toggle switch and wiring used to turn AEs on and off.

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  • Multicolor SMD
  • White SMD
  • Multicolor SMD
  • Multicolor SMD
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Angel Eyes can be installed on any vehicle as an accent for your headlights. They can be found on BMWs and are a nice modification for any vehicle. The angel eyes from Diode Dynamics are the highest quality and brightness available. Look around, you will not find better angel eyes anywhere for these great prices! Our rings were custom-designed for reliability and long life, and have been tested on your vehicle for perfect fitment. 

These angel eyes have been test-fit on your vehicle for perfect fitment. To read more about Angel Eye Rings, click here.

RGB SMD Design

These are LED rings which use 5050 size SMDs. The SMD LED chips are mounted directly on to the circular board, facing forward. The LEDs go all the way around the ring, for no "break" in the light as with other angel eye designs. This provides an extremely high light output in the forward direction. 

Typically, LED rings have resistors mounted directly on to the ring. Our RGB have improved durability and reliability by using external current regulators. The regulators are housed in a small, fully-potted (waterproof) regulator box, which is simply attached inline between the controller and the LED ring. RGB Multicolor rings have a standard 4-pin RGB connector, compatible with Diode Dynamics RGB controllers. Either controller can be used to control the rings. See below for a comparison video of the two controllers we offer. 


COB Design

These are LED rings that use COB technology, which stands for "Chip On Board." The LED chips are mounted directly on to the PCB board, so the whole board essentially becomes the LED package diffusing the light evenly from each chip. The effect is a uniform, bright light output in a full ring.

Our COB rings use an sturdy aluminum backing for superior heat dissipation and reliability. Watch out for poor-quality substitutes! Our newest COB rings do not have resistors mounted on each ring itself, but rather the power is supplied by a heavy-duty, fully waterproof and shockproof external regulator. 


What's Included

Kit includes:

  • Two (2) 5050-SMD Rings, fitted for your vehicle
  • Diode Dynamics Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness
  • Red LED Toggle switch
  • 3-year limited replacement warranty
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee



Installation requires you to open the headlight, by using heat from either your oven or a heat gun. It sounds bad, but really isn't too hard. Simply remove all screws, heat the seal, and pull apart. We have installation videos and other helpful guides available at The wiring is a plug-and-play installation, using our Diode Dynamics Angel Eye Harness and quick disconnects. You will not have to do any soldering, wire stripping, crimping or anything. The rings only need 12V power and ground- we recommend using your parking lights, in order to have them turn on like they came that way from the factory, "OEM style."

Don't want to do it yourself? Looking for a kit for a different model? We can do any vehicle for you, with our large inventory of ring sizes. Contact us for information.

Year 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015
Make Hyundai
Model Genesis Coupe
Application Angel Eyes
  1. Great Product Review by Tyler

    I use these RGB halos for the gen coupe all the time. I've used them for about 15 sets of headlights so far. Mounting is simple I'd suggest fishing line or head wire. JB weld doesn't work perfect with the wiring exiting the back of the board. "String method" works by far the best. Plenty of extra wire to reach anywhere in the car and tucking wires is so simple. The fitment is great and the output is super bright and consistent. I've recommended these to everyone. (Posted on 7/16/17)

  2. RGB angel eyes with wifi controller Review by Angelo

    Everything was super simper to install, the hardest part was fitting the angel eye inside the shroud but the final product looks amazing. I'm so happy with how it turned out! (Posted on 11/8/16)

  3. Great Review by Vic

    I went with the multicolored rings on my 13' coupe and it looks gorgeous. The installation was a huge pain its something i wish i never have to do again but the end result made it worth it. Its a great product. (Posted on 6/13/16)

  4. Angel Eyes Review by Enshalla

    I just got my set of angel eyes an love the look of them, but there was a downside to it, one of them already started to die off, i do recommend getting the diffuser rings for the lights because they will blend better if they do die in the future, otherwise great product. (Posted on 1/11/16)

  5. So Cool Looking! Review by Gary L.

    I just bought my car with these already installed, so I can't comment on the installation process. They wouldn't turn on when I bought the car, but it wound up just needing the relay to be replaced, which was $6 at Radio Shack and easy to find/do. I never even contacted Diode Dynamics about the problem before replacing the relay under the hood.
    The Angel Eyes look incredibly cool now! The ability to change colors is pretty impressive the few times I hit the remote for friends to see. This is an upgrade that makes people look at the car and ask - Wow, what IS that beautiful looking ride? (Posted on 11/16/15)

  6. Great Light Quality! Review by Chevy

    I recently installed my multiple color halo angel eyes kits and I love them. Will be ordering the Fog bulbs soon also. Great quality and condition of items. (Posted on 8/24/15)

  7. Looks amazing Review by Joseph

    I was somewhat weary of opening up my headlights to install these. However I went and did and the end result is indescribable. The look is amazing, quality is amazing, and the price is definitely amazing as well. Highly recommend these lights. And customer service is great as always! (Posted on 8/1/15)


    I purchased these and the next day they were in my car. they only took about 2 hours and that was just because of taking the head light apart. I believe that anyone can do this project if you have the time. If you need any help they even have videos on line for you to watch. I do recommend you buy a switch if you hook these up to your battery. just a preference. Otherwise they look great. Awesome product. (Posted on 2/24/15)

  9. Unbelievable!!!! Review by Mike

    I had these installed by Khartunerz in Temecula. It took them all day for them to get them installed. In this case that is acceptable since sealing the assembly correctly is very important. All that being said, it was and is worth it. These Angel Eyes are brilliant. The guys at the shop were very impressed as am I. Thank you DiodeDynamics. (Posted on 1/4/15)

  10. Installation of Angle Eyes Review by Woody

    Very nice project, even of a novice. Patients is the key and a lot of Youtube Videos made it work. (Posted on 2/11/14)

  11. the finish look says it all ! Review by Walt

    Wow. At first it seemed as if you where going no where, but once you get the lens off, things start to come together. Realistically, I'm thinking, I don't want to do this again. So I decided to completely revamp and smoke these lights. Now I've integrated body color within the headlights and also went full LED's. I really should have done the high beams too. Maybe nextime. Definitely 1 of a kind. Beautiful ! (Posted on 1/16/14)

  12. very sexy at nighttime Review by Ryan

    When I first bought the red led angel eyes I wasn't too sure about the installation but going through the process it was super easy, it gives your car a totally different look especially at night time you will definitely get heads turning your way! (Posted on 12/31/13)

  13. Awesome customer service Review by Alex Ankrom

    I ordered the multi-color rings for my '10 gen coupe along with switchbacks and they really add to the look of my car. They are super bright plus you can control the brightness with the remote, they have flash and store patterns and tons of color options.
    I had a problem with one not working right all of sudden, where the light would not match the other side and one led light went out so it wasnt a complete circle, and after talking to the customer service they replaced the halo for free and thats all it took, they really made the process easy.

    The only things i dislike about the halo is that they are connected to a central converter and the wires running of the halo are not long enough to really make hiding the components easy, and if you have a crash bar removed due to a performance intercooler Im not sure where you would hide it. Now maybe the wifi version solves that problem but I didnt buy that one so I am not really sure, but just making the halo wires longer would make it perfect!

    I still got the halos and the install was B@!#$ but thats not thier fault, that just a gen problem but I found that using a heat gun and making sure all bolts holding it together are out make it the easiest to remove, and for those of you not sure watch the Flyride video on youtube, The install is easy once you get the lens off. (Posted on 12/18/13)

  14. Incredible Review by Travis

    The absolutely hardest part of the install was taking the lens off of the housing. Other than that, Diode made the wiring and the actual ring install a breeze. I'm not the best when it comes to electrical work, but with their videos and the text instructions, it would be pretty hard to mess up the wiring.

    This was also my first time messing with epoxy and silicone adhesive. Putting epoxy on the ring and getting it in the right place on the projector housing was a snap. As for the silicone was a bit harder, but that doesn't have much to do with DD's product.

    Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their lights. I ordered the white CCFL's, and I've already had a few people compliment them. I am even pushing a friend to buy a multicolor kit for his Challenger. Bottom line: fantastic product, couldn't be happier. Thanks Diode Dynamics! (Posted on 11/19/13)

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