Angel Eye Kit for 2005-2006 Hyundai Tiburon

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DIY angel eye kit for your vehicle!
  • Multicolor SMD LED

MULTICOLOR ONLY: Required for Installation

OPTIONAL: This kit includes a LED toggle switch and wiring used to turn AEs on and off.

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Angel Eye Kit for 2005-2006 Hyundai Tiburon

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  • Multi-Color Rings
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Angel Eyes can be installed on any vehicle as an accent for your headlights. They can be found on BMWs and are a nice modification for any vehicle. The angel eyes from Diode Dynamics are the highest quality and brightness available. Look around, you will not find better angel eyes anywhere for these great prices! Our rings were custom-designed for reliability and long life, and have been tested on your vehicle for perfect fitment. 

These angel eyes have been test-fit on your vehicle for perfect fitment. To read more about Angel Eye Rings, click here.

RGB SMD Design

These are LED rings which use 5050 size SMDs. The SMD LED chips are mounted directly on to the circular board, facing forward. The LEDs go all the way around the ring, for no "break" in the light as with other angel eye designs. This provides an extremely high light output in the forward direction. 

Typically, LED rings have resistors mounted directly on to the ring. Our RGB have improved durability and reliability by using external current regulators. The regulators are housed in a small, fully-potted (waterproof) regulator box, which is simply attached inline between the controller and the LED ring. RGB Multicolor rings have a standard 4-pin RGB connector, compatible with Diode Dynamics RGB controllers. Either controller can be used to control the rings.

What's Included

Kit includes:

  • Four (4) 5050-SMD Rings, fitted for your vehicle
  • Diode Dynamics Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness
  • Red LED Toggle switch
  • 3-year limited replacement warranty
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee



Installation requires you to open the headlight, by using heat from either your oven or a heat gun. It sounds bad, but really isn't too hard. Simply remove all screws, heat the seal, and pull apart. We have installation videos and other helpful guides available at The wiring is a plug-and-play installation, using our Diode Dynamics Angel Eye Harness and quick disconnects. You will not have to do any soldering, wire stripping, crimping or anything. The rings only need 12V power and ground- we recommend using your parking lights, in order to have them turn on like they came that way from the factory, "OEM style."

Don't want to do it yourself? Looking for a kit for a different model? We can do any vehicle for you, with our large inventory of ring sizes. Contact us for information.

Year 2005,2006
Make Hyundai
Model Tiburon
Application Angel Eyes
  1. Flawless Angel Eyes, Amazing Customer Service Review by Johnathan

    I installed the Angel Eyes on my '06 Tiburon. They look beautiful, bright, and like they came from the factory. They are a perfect fitment.

    Due to my own error, I ended up having a bad seal on my LH headlight, causing there to be moisture a few days later. Whenever I took them apart, I ripped the wire out of the 80mm ring. Again, this is not the fault of the lights at all, but by my own haste. I contacted DD, and am receiving another one shortly.

    Highly recommend to anyone that isn't afraid of pulling their headlight lens off. (Posted on 3/1/16)

  2. A nitelight worth while Review by Clay

    I ordered the rgb angel eye kit from diode dynamics and I had my personal pros and cons. The pros were that the LEDs were very bright and seem to be a good quality for the price. My cons of this product were the instructions were unclear to me personally and the pins on the angel eyes to the current regulators are very thin and may not stay plugged all the way in causing two different colors to show on the hi and low beams. This is something that was cleared up quickly and I haven't had any problems yet. Overall a good product! (Posted on 1/31/15)

  3. Amazing Review by Juan

    Ordered the white COB LED and it looks awsome, it was easy to install, i was able to install it even though im a noob on this wiring things. Shipping was really quick i was surprised on how quick i got them. keep up the good work! (Posted on 12/22/14)

  4. Love the look of the Multicolor! Review by Cody

    Bought these for my 2006 Tiburon along with the color changing fog lights and they look great! I love changing the colors and watching people stare at them when I drive by. Well worth the money. (Posted on 10/13/14)

  5. Great!!! Review by Ben

    I got the multicolored ones and they are perfect and everyone turns their head when I pass! Thanks!! (Posted on 5/29/14)

  6. Overall Good Review by Brian

    So I ordered the White CCFLs for my 06 Tiburon. I was hesitant to install them myself seeing as how I'm not mechanically inclined at all, however, the shop said they'd charge me $400. I ended up doing it myself. So let me get to the point.

    The lights are good, they work, they are bright, and more importantly, they fit the housing once you open up the headlight. I will disclaim, it is very close to not fitting, you wouldn't understand without seeing photos (which I didn't take). When you use the epoxy to put the rings in place, you will need to fill gaps with it, so the lights can bind to that, because it can't reach the housing in some places.

    How I installed them:

    First things first I got all of my crap together. I was also installing some HIDs for the fogs, and headlights; I also installed some LED switchbacks for the parking lights.

    Materials Needed for Angel Eyes:
    Masking Tape (No clue)
    Large Flat Head (I used two) (I had them, but probably $10)
    Normal size Phillips ($5)
    Heat Gun ($25)
    Plastic 5 Minute Epoxy Weld ($5)
    Black Silicone Sealant ($5)

    Step 1: Remove the Headlights, there are 3 bolts. Two on top, one in center (to the left or right of the headlight depending on the side).

    Step 2. Heat the black seal that feels like plastic with the heatgun, but be careful not to melt the headlight housing. (4-5 inches away from the seal to be safe).

    Step 3. Use a screwdriver to twist and pry around the seal. You should have to do this with the heatgun to about 80% of the light before you can just peal it apart. The seal will look like melted hot tar, and look like shit if you did it like I did. (Carelessly).

    Step 4. Headlights apart, good job. You have done the hardest part of the whole installation. Take a phillips, remove the silver screws in your headlight housing (not the projector housing, but the clear one that you'd see). There should be 3 on the top holding the black/plastic into the headlight, and 1 holding your parking light frame.

    Step 5. Take the black thing out of the clear housing. (after unscrewing)

    Step 6. I used a bemel or whatever, and drilled created a small half/hole like half an oval, for the angel eye wires to go through (for the small ones! the large ones don't need a hole!)

    Step 7. Align the angel eyes with the wires coming out of the housing, masking tape them in the place you want them. Make sure the wires are coming out of the back (common sense)

    Step 8. Epoxy them when they are in the position you want. Open the epoxy, squeeze the tube, mix the shit together, and apply it. You really wanna make sure you have a good bind. I used an allen wrench to spread it. You may even wanna have two things of Epoxy, but one was enough for me.

    Step 9. Let it dry for 30-45 mins, Go eat some Arbys.

    Step 10. Put the housed angel eyes back into the light. Then screw it back in to the light.

    Step 11. Cool beans man, you're practically done. Put the headlight back together. Take both sides that you pealed apart, try to line them up and smash them back together (as much as you can since the sealing has probably cooled). Before you start mashing though, make sure you take the wires from the angel eyes, and put them behind the projectors, so they can go through the holes your headlights use for wiring. (There are 4 caps where your wires come out of it, make it come out of them) So for the mashing. I used a friend for this part. When they're as close as they're gonna get to sealed without heating. Start heating. While heating, mush that shit together. Use a flathead to push the sealant down back over the light and whatnot. Try to get it sealed.

    Step 12. So you have a headlight that's half assed put back together and sealed as much as your heatgun, and flathead can do. Likely looks like melted tar because you weren't careful when taking it apart, just like me. Good job! Now put some silicone sealant around that bad boy. So that way we don't get any moisture. It'll get all over your fucking hands and clothes, go get some gloves. Seal all around the factory seal, you don't want moisture to get in there. Mush it all over. Try not to get it on the headlight. It will need an hour to dry by the way. What I did, so I could get both the top and bottom, and sides of the headlight at once. I had a friend hold it, and/or when he got tired, we just set it down upside down.

    Step 13. Put them in the car without actually bolting them. Plug in the wires, and enjoy. I can't tell you how to wire them, however, I know that's the easy part. My buddy wired them, so yeah.

    Hope this was helpful, I tried. Sorry. :D (Posted on 3/23/14)

  7. This is perfection Review by JOYride

    Multicolor SMD - great colors. They are really bright - especially white which I use for daytime running lights. And the red color is pure evil.
    Shipping was fast, excellent customer service. The lights were not hard to install, and everything - including wiring harness looks top quality.
    I couldn't be more satisfied. (Posted on 11/10/13)

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