Hi/Lo Beam HID Conversion Kit for 2004-2014 Ford F-150

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  • Direct replacement for factory bulb
  • OEM-grade ballasts for superior reliability
  • Double output from factory halogen
  • 3000K
  • 4300K
  • 5000K
  • 6000K
  • 8000K
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Hi/Lo Beam HID Conversion Kit for 2004-2014 Ford F-150

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This CNLight conversion kit contains everything you need to convert your factory halogen high/low headlamps into HID, High Intensity Discharge.


From the factory, one light in your vehicle creates both the high beam and the low beam light. When converting to HID, this allows you two options:

BiXenon: This type of kit includes bulbs with a moving base and a controller BiXenon relay. It is one HID that moves slightly to create a high beam projection, allowing you to use HID for both low beam and high beam. The installation is slightly more complicated due to the need for the BiXenon relay, but is not difficult. The relay connector also uses our exclusive configurable connectors. We strongly recommend this option if you plan on using your high beams regularly.


When installing HIDs in a dual-filament setup, you must use the vehicle's wiring, which is 3 wires: one ground, one high-beam power, and one low-beam power. Since standard bulbs do not require a particular configuration or polarity, auto manufacturers do not always use a uniform configuration. When you plug the kit in, the high beam may come on with your low beam, and vice versa. To solve this problem, we are proud to include configurable connectors with all of our dual-filament kits, making it simple to switch the wiring as needed. The plug and play connectors can be switched in seconds to easily configure the kit for your particular vehicle.


The ballasts are the most important component of an HID kit, as they provide the power. After years of providing midrange and even high-quality ballasts for vehicles of all makes and models, Diode Dynamics identified a company called HYLUXTEK as the very best manufacturer in the industry. Their newest ballast, the 2A88 slim, is simply the best aftermarket ballast on the market. You will see other high-end retailers carrying this same ballast, usually under their own brand name, for a much higher cost.

Controller Chip. Most digital (DSP) ballasts on the market still use generic chips, which are cheap, and work pretty well. However, when you need maximum quality, you need a new computer chip designed for one purpose. This is known as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). These ballasts use brand new DSP ASIC chips for maximum efficiency and brightness, fast warmup time, and extremely stable operation. To prevent counterfeiting, HYLUX has even included a fully-sealed transparent window in the ballast, showing the ASIC inside.

CAN-BUS. Some vehicles have systems which sense the power consumption. Since HIDs use less power than factory halogen bulbs, this can cause issues. You can resolve this by adding capacitors, known as warning cancellers, or some ballasts come with them built-in. However, sometimes that's still not enough to trick the vehicle! To fix it, this ballast has an industry-leading CANBUS module, capable of smoothing PWM signals up to 100hz, and providing feedback to the vehicle to equalize the load, to defeat even the most troublesome modern CANBUS systems. Even if your vehicle does not use a CAN-BUS system, these modules will provide extra power smoothing for reliable operation. Simply put, this ballast will work on any vehicle, the first time you plug it in. With this kit, you don't need to worry about capacitors, warning cancellers, or resistors.

Igniter and Startup. You may have heard of ignition issues with other ballasts, caused by an igniter that is too small to withstand cold temperatures. No reason to worry with these ballasts- the oversized 24kV external igniter means that you will never have an ignition issue, even in the coldest temperatures. Additionally, the ASIC chip in these ballasts means that you only need 4 amps at nominal voltage to start up. These ballasts consume less power than any other on the market, meaning 100% reliable and fast startups, every time.

Case. These ballasts are the smallest you will find, about the size of a pack of playing cards. The case is fully potted, or filled with epoxy, which makes them fully waterproof and shockproof. This material is expensive, so most ballasts on the market are only given a coating, or partial fill. HYLUX ballasts are completely filled to the top, sparing no expense to ensure longevity. If you take off the back cover on this ballast, you'll see what we mean!



The bulbs included with Diode Dynamics kits are CNLight bulbs, which are widely regarded as the most dependable aftermarket bulbs on the market. Just like the HYLUX ballasts, you will see other companies offering these same bulbs under their own brand name. They provide superior life, brightness, and color attenuation when compared to generic HID bulbs, like those found in most cheaper kits on the market. With these bulbs you won't have any issue with bulbs not matching in color, or flickering, which is common in cheaper bulbs. The one-piece base design prevents any issues with separation over time, making the entire bulb extremely reliable.


The bulb temperatures are rated accurately in Kelvin temperature, and have an industry-standard 2500 hours of estimated bulb life, which should outlast your vehicle.


3000K is our lowest temperature, and has a pure yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights. 


4300K is a pure white output, as seen on many factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint to its color.


6000K is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color. It has a slight hint of blue, and matches best with our LED bulbs.


8000K is our highest temperature, which produces an ice blue color. 

HID Color/Temperature



Our warranty is through Diode Dynamics, LLC, so you can be assured that you will get fast and friendly service should you have any problems. There is a full-replacement 3-year warranty on all HID Kit components, including HID Bulbs, Ballasts and Relay


We carry our own inventory, so no waiting for them to be shipped from overseas, or waiting on big, unreliable suppliers to ship them. They ship right from our own inventory, in St. Louis, Missouri, usually the same day you order.

Kit Includes:

  • One pair CNLight HID bulbs in your choice of bulb size and color
  • Two 35w super-slim ballasts (HYLUX 2A88 Slim CANBUS)
  • Two BiXenon HID Adapters
  • Mounting hardware for ballasts (3M mounting pads)
  • Full three-year warranty
  • Free Diode Dynamics decal
  • Diode Dynamics 30-day satisfaction guarantee


Bulb Size H13, also known as 9008
Year 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014
Make Ford
Model F-150
Application HIDs
  1. bad wiring Review by Ray

    two different connections were bad one of them the wire broke off and the other one the pin popped out please check all your connections before you install this kit I ordered for my 2014 F150 XLT (Posted on 4/24/17)

  2. Way brighter than stock Review by WAYNE

    I installed this kit with no trouble,headlights are way brighter now,got the 5000k to try and match the led fogs,they are close,waiting for diode dynamics to answer me now on bulb life,on a f150 when you unlock the truck at night your headlights light up for about 10 to 20 sec or until you start the truck,then you have to turn them back on,cylcling the lights I hope doesnot shorten bulb life,Idont know a way around this,we will see! (Posted on 9/14/16)

  3. Excellent product Review by Roger

    Ordered this kit for my 2011 F150 Lariat EcoBoost. Was very easy to install and mount everything. When I tested the lights high beams did not work. Contacted tech support and they sent me another harness. Installed the new harness but still nothing. I then RE-pined the harness and then my low and high beams worked perfect. Very bright and white lights. Would recommend to anyone. Now I need to get all the LED lights to replace every bulb on my truck. (Posted on 8/11/16)

  4. Brighter than stock Review by Jeff Y

    Installed in about an hour, having trouble getting one light off hi beam but working with diode on that one. Their CS has been very responsive. The beams (hi or low) are so much brighter than the stocks its not even funny. (Posted on 3/26/16)

  5. Quality > Price Review by Steve

    Tried another HID kit from a site offering a lifetime warranty on the ballasts and after having numerous issues and sending them in multiple times to get fixed I decided to upgrade to Diode Dynamics. Install was a breeze and the quality of the components of this kit is noticeably improved compared to the other supplier. Quickly becoming a fan of Diode Dynamics' superior quality products. (Posted on 3/2/15)

  6. Huge upgrade Review by SATXDONKEY

    Installed these on my 06 xlt. Perfect fit. Was able to unscrew my radiator top cover and neatly hide wires underneath. My vision is way farther with these. Beautiful lights and clear! (Posted on 2/11/15)

  7. amazing buy Review by Titus2633

    This is my first set of HIDs. I had never installed any, but this was very simple. They worked immediately. Much better quality over stock lights. I got the 6000k and already getting compliments and questions how to get some. I researched a lot of others. This is by far the best. Definitely will do business again. (Posted on 1/14/15)

  8. Best I Have Used Review by eagle1

    This is my 4th set of HID Headlights.I said this was the last set I was gonna waste my money on because the first 3 sets were problems. They malfunctioned when used on the automatic on setting of the vehicle. Have Diodes in a little over a month now and THEY ARE GREAT! No problems so far and I don't expect any this time.I am about to order another set for my wife's expedition. Thank You Diode Dynamics! (Posted on 1/8/15)

  9. Great Product and Price Review by Bobby McAtee

    Excellent product, it is very cheap compared to other HID kits, and is of excellent Quality. I ordered the 6000K and they are extremely bright and look excellent. I would definitely recommend this to others. (Posted on 1/1/15)

  10. Best HID conversion kit for the money Review by Don

    I installed the 6000k Bi-Xenon HIDs in my F150 and the light output over the stock halogen lights is amazing. The bulbs warm up very quickly and provide a clean light that covers a much larger area than the stock H13 bulbs. The Bi-Xenons switch nicely when flipping to the High Beams and the beam pattern changes to a longer focal point. The upgraded ballasts are definitly worth it as well, thats where I see the biggest difference over other kits I have installed in the past. There was some trial and error with the install on hooking the input triggers from the factory plug to the the HID ballast but it was all still plug and play with just the extra power wire and ground left to hook up. Great buy for the money. (Posted on 8/5/13)

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