Low Beam HID Conversion Kit for 2005-2014 Subaru Legacy

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  • Direct replacement for factory bulb
  • OEM-grade ballasts for superior reliability
  • Double output from factory halogen
  • 3000K
  • 4300K
  • 5000K
  • 6000K
  • 8000K

Optional: Harness which powers HIDs directly from the battery, instead of factory wires. Recommended for best reliability.

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Low Beam HID Conversion Kit for 2005-2014 Subaru Legacy

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Diode Dynamics is pleased to offer the HYLUX HID Conversion Kit. After years of experience in the industry, we have assembled this kit, made up of the absolute best components on the market, to provide reliable operation at an OEM level of quality.


The ballasts are the most important component of an HID kit, as they provide the power. After years of providing midrange and even high-quality ballasts for vehicles of all makes and models, Diode Dynamics identified a company called HYLUXTEK as the very best manufacturer in the industry. Their newest ballast, the 2A88 slim, is simply the best aftermarket ballast on the market. You will see other high-end retailers carrying this same ballast, usually under their own brand name, for a much higher cost.

Controller Chip. Most digital (DSP) ballasts on the market still use generic chips, which are cheap, and work pretty well. However, when you need maximum quality, you need a new computer chip designed for one purpose. This is known as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). These ballasts use brand new DSP ASIC chips for maximum efficiency and brightness, fast warmup time, and extremely stable operation. To prevent counterfeiting, HYLUX has even included a fully-sealed transparent window in the ballast, showing the ASIC inside.

CAN-BUS. Some vehicles have systems which sense the power consumption. Since HIDs use less power than factory halogen bulbs, this can cause issues. You can resolve this by adding capacitors, known as warning cancellers, or some ballasts come with them built-in. However, sometimes that's still not enough to trick the vehicle! To fix it, this ballast has an industry-leading CANBUS module, capable of smoothing PWM signals up to 100hz, and providing feedback to the vehicle to equalize the load, to defeat even the most troublesome modern CANBUS systems. Even if your vehicle does not use a CAN-BUS system, these modules will provide extra power smoothing for reliable operation. Simply put, this ballast will work on any vehicle, the first time you plug it in. With this kit, you don't need to worry about capacitors, warning cancellers, or resistors.

Igniter and Startup. You may have heard of ignition issues with other ballasts, caused by an igniter that is too small to withstand cold temperatures. No reason to worry with these ballasts- the oversized 24kV external igniter means that you will never have an ignition issue, even in the coldest temperatures. Additionally, the ASIC chip in these ballasts means that you only need 4 amps at nominal voltage to start up. These ballasts consume less power than any other on the market, meaning 100% reliable and fast startups, every time.

Case. These ballasts are the smallest you will find, about the size of a pack of playing cards. The case is fully potted, or filled with epoxy, which makes them fully waterproof and shockproof. This material is expensive, so most ballasts on the market are only given a coating, or partial fill. HYLUX ballasts are completely filled to the top, sparing no expense to ensure longevity. If you take off the back cover on this ballast, you'll see what we mean!



The bulbs included with Diode Dynamics kits are CNLight bulbs, which are widely regarded as the most dependable aftermarket bulbs on the market. Just like the HYLUX ballasts, you will see other companies offering these same bulbs under their own brand name. They provide superior life, brightness, and color attenuation when compared to generic HID bulbs, like those found in most cheaper kits on the market. With these bulbs you won't have any issue with bulbs not matching in color, or flickering, which is common in cheaper bulbs. The one-piece base design prevents any issues with separation over time, making the entire bulb extremely reliable.



You may choose to include a heavy-duty relay, to power your HIDs directly from the battery, instead of the factory wiring. This relay has been designed from scratch, and utilizes a fully-sealed, waterproof relay, with flyback diode, and even has a built-in capacitor for input power smoothing. All wires are sleeved with braided techflex for an attractive appearance and extra protection. The input wires are each a meter long, and the output wires are one meter and two meters, which means the wiring will be long enough for even the biggest vehicles. The single-ground design makes installation easy. This relay was designed with reliability, convenience, and long-life in mind.

A relay wiring harness is not required for operation of the HIDs in most vehicles, however, please be aware that some vehicles do require it for operation. If you're not sure, just include it with your order, and you can always return it for a full refund if you don't need it! 



The CNLight bulb temperatures are rated accurately in correlated color temperature at 35 watts, and have an industry-standard 3000 hours of estimated bulb life. Please be aware that most HID bulbs are rated inaccurately from other manufacturers. 8000K is not dark blue, and 6000K is not pure white! We provide accurately-measured colors with a range of options to suit your taste.



3000K is our lowest temperature, and has a pure yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights. 


4300K is a natural white output, as seen on vehicles with factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint to its color, and might appear slightly warm.


5000K is a pure white output, without any warm hint, and no blue either. It may not be available in your specific bulb size, in which case it will not be shown as an option.


6000K is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color. It has a very slight hint of blue, and matches best with most LEDs.


8000K is our highest temperature, which produces an ice blue color. This is not a strong blue color though- it is still primarily white, meaning there will be no decrease in light output.

HID Color Reference



Our warranty is through Diode Dynamics, LLC, so you can be assured that you will get fast and friendly service should you have any problems. There is a full-replacement 3-year warranty on all HID Kit components, including HID Bulbs, Ballasts and Relay. 



We carry our own inventory, so no waiting for them to be shipped from overseas, or waiting on big, unreliable suppliers to ship them. They ship right from our own inventory, in St. Louis, Missouri, usually the same day you order.

Kit comes with:

  • One pair CNLight HID bulbs in your choice of bulb size and color
  • Two 35w super-slim ballasts (HYLUX 2A88 Slim CANBUS)
  • One Premium Waterproof Relay (optional)
  • Mounting hardware for ballasts (3M mounting pads)
  • Three-year replacement warranty 
  • Free Diode Dynamics decal
  • Diode Dynamics 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Bulb Size H7
Year 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014
Make Subaru
Model Legacy
Application Low Beam
  1. 2 years on, still running strong Review by Scott

    I wanted to wait a while before reviewing these HIDs. Here we are past the 2 year mark and they have proven themselves. I originally purchased the DD 6000k low beam kit with heavy duty relay in September of 2014. I installed them on a 2014 Subaru Legacy sport with the stock halogen projector housing. Not an aftermarket housing which is recommended for a cleaner beam and cutoff. The aesthetic change was amazing over stock. Instantly I had to replace the fog lights and license plate lights to keep the exterior look consistent! I was really surprised how blue the 6000k actually is in the Legacy housing. Looking directly in the beam the color is pure bright white. Sitting in the drivers seat the beam thrown on the ground is pure white. The edges of the beam are tinted more than slightly blue. There is minimum glare. The beam doesn't shine high enough to glare at passing cars at a close distance. From long distances at higher angles the headlights do glare a bright blue. I've even noticed a purple shine at some wider side angles looking at the Legacy head on. I believe this is just due to the design of our projectors. The resulting colors really do look great. As a pedestrian driving toward you the lights look white/blue/purplish then as the vehicle hits bumps in the road and the beam is aimed upward, you see flashes of pure bright white. The effect looks similar to driving past a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee or newer Toyota Corolla with HIDs. I noticed only a slightly higher light output than stock. But many of my passengers have commented how much brighter they look than regular lights so I must just be used to them after years of use. Ignition is swift and they reach full output in 15 seconds or so. In March of 2015, after 6 months I had a ballast failure which DD resolved with a quick e-mail. By then they had the newer style ballast which is what I received as a replacement. So here we are today in February of 2017 and the lights are still working as good as new. Even the older ballast from 2014, is working as well as the 2015 replacement. The wiring and connectors have held up over time. I am still running the original bulbs included in the kit, they are still bright and fire up every time. I should also mention I live in North Dakota and these lights have been through almost 3 winters. I'm talking early morning lows of -30 degrees Fahrenheit in January and occasional mid day highs of 100+ degrees in July. If you are concerned about the quality and price of these lights don't worry, I took the chance and here I am to praise DD's product. Plus now the low beam kit is $20 cheaper than in was in 2014! (Posted on 2/19/17)

  2. Really good quality lights. Review by Mike

    I purchased these lights after quite a bit of research on different brands and prices. I ultimately chose these because of the other reviews on them and the ease of installation. Installing these was very easy, just make sure to get the rubber seal in place or the headlights will get condensation in them. I had that problem but quickly figured out why. 5 months and they are still like new. Would definitely buy these again and have recommended them to friends. (Posted on 10/26/16)

  3. 4.5 years of service Review by Chris

    I got my kit back in January 2012. Since then it has made its home in my 2008 Subaru Legacy unfortunetly this past month both ballast failed about 2 weeks apart from each other. I paid 94 dollars for mine back in 2012 and think I got a great deal and a great run out of mine I would highly recommend. Amazon ordered ballasts will replace the burnt out ones and so far the cheap ballasts have sufficed. (Posted on 4/29/16)

  4. Great improvement over stock.... Review by Helas

    I purchased this HID kit for my wife's 2012 Subaru Legacy. The factory lights are pretty dim. I also purchased the recommended wiring harness to help provide the power needed to the HIDs. While getting to the headlights themselves is a real PITA (front bumper cover removal for access), the HID install with wiring harness was very simple.

    I am very happy with the results. The lights are much brighter than stock and they look great on the car. I did have one of the ballasts go out within 5 months of installing the HID kit. I contacted DD about the issue and they replaced the ballast under warranty without issue. DD was able to get me the replacement ballast within one week of being notified. They also kindly included new 3M double sided tape to mount the replacement ballast. They did not require me to send in the failed ballast.

    I'm not sure if the placement of the old ballast caused the failure or not. I did inquire about the heat the ballasts will be dealing with, and was told by DD that they were designed to run in hot places. I placed the replacement ballast in a different place in hopes that it will run a little cooler. I don't think you will be disappointed if you purchase these. AFAIK, DD is the only company offering replacement HIDs for this model of car.

    (Posted on 3/14/16)

  5. Very good product! Review by Wil

    This is a very good HID kit and makes my 2013 Subaru Legacy headlights look so much better. Probably the only gripe was the installation which I blame Subaru and not the kit itself. The fender liner needed to be partially removed and your hand and arm need to snake in somewhat awkward ways to access the bulb. After all the finagling, minor drilling to the protective cap, and maneuvering, the headlights shine the way they should have from the factory. Again this is a very good HID kit and I will definitely order from Diode Dynamics again if I decide to try the high beam kit. (Posted on 9/16/15)

  6. 2011 Legacy w/ 2013 headlight housings. 5000K, HD Ballasts and Harness. Review by Chris

    Best $180 I have ever spent! Wish I would have never waited and done this sooner. I purchased the 5000K kit with HD ballasts and wiring harness. Total install time was 4 hours, but that included me removing the bumper and headlight housings completely. This removal allowed for the wiring harness to be totally hidden and follow stock harnesses as well as finding a good home for the ballasts. (Posted on 5/16/15)

  7. 05 lgt hid kit Review by Jon

    Just purchased the 6000k low beam kit for my 05 lgt and these hids are bar none the best I have ever owned! Love the color of the white with my yellow fogs. I 100% recommend this lights to anyone. Worth the money! (Posted on 12/27/14)

  8. 2015 Subaru. Legacy HID conversion Review by Dougie

    Let me start by saying I am definatly a person that would pay to have something like HIDs installed, but after reading all the reviews saying it was easy I thought I would give it a try. As I started to install them I kept on telling myself I must be doing something wrong, it can't be this easy. Guess what it was that easy. Once everything was plugged in and I turned them on they worked like a dream. So far in one day I have gotten so many compliments on the HIDs and wish it was night time every time I drive. Also the customer service that I received was absolutely perfect. (Posted on 9/21/14)

  9. Excellent quality, easy to install Review by eplewis89

    Let me start off by saying, this is one of the easiest modifications I've ever installed on a car. I love the color of the HID's (4300k), they're perfect (white with a tiny hint of blue) and the quality is outstanding. Great job Diode Dynamics.

    That being said, I received the relay harness, and I'm unsure of what to do with it (it's not really necessary to install HID's). I'm going to figure out how to use it... I'm pretty sure I'm just over complicating things and it's really easy to install.

    Again, great job. I'll be buying from you guys again. (Posted on 5/15/14)

  10. Nice Kit. Works Well. Review by JME

    Recently installed this HID setup with 4300K bulbs in my 2005 Legacy GT. As mentioned above, the 4300K provides a bright white light and is perfect. I never liked the overly blue bulbs that I see with many other HID kits. I'll be ordering another set in the near future for my other vehicle. (Posted on 3/31/14)

  11. Very simple even for a novice Review by Varano14

    I want to start buy saying that when I started considering upgrading to HIDs my main concern was that I wouldn't be able to install them myself because I have NO prior experience with headlights/wiring at all.

    So after reading the reviews and watching the instructional video I felt better but still had my doubts that I could handle it on my own,but I went ahead and placed my order.

    They arrived exactly when they said they would, after getting both an email and text saying they shipped. Which is a great idea. So I got started right away on installing them, and let me say it was so easy I didn't believe I had actually done it right until I turned on my car and they came right on. The most difficult part was separating the old bulb from the socket but other then that the video explained perfectly how the wires went together, and how to plug it all in. I bought the harness but it worked fine with out it so I didn't mess with it.

    So bottom line is if you think you wont be able to do it, don't worry just buy them you will have no problems and the customer service was excellent, couldn't be more pleased. (Posted on 3/10/14)

  12. 2012 Legacy 4300K HID Kit w/ Relay and Hylux Ballasts Review by Eric

    First of all, If you are looking at this review, you must be interested in upgrading your lighting to HID. Well, I'm here to tell you, look no further.

    The Diode Dynamics 4300K kit is everything you are looking for. The kit was very easy to install and looks great at night. I wanted the most visible/usable light output and no blue hue. I achieved both of those things and the lights look like they should have come stock on the car (in a good way). The only problem is now my fog lights look like they are under lake water. So I guess maybe I'll have to upgrade those soon as well!!

    The HID bulbs work perfectly in the stock halogen projectors. My lights have a nice sharp cut off line and didn't even need to be adjusted for oncoming traffic.

    I also purchased the stage 3 City Light LED's with this order and they both look great together in the headlight housing. The LED's are a LITTLE "bluer" than the bright white of the HID's and may match the 6000K HID's more exactly. But I like how they look together and I wanted to avoid blue light.

    My only tip is, don't be a fool like I was. Make sure to connect BOTH grounds on the relay harness as I missed the second one and couldn't figure out why the passenger light would come on. As soon as I held the ground cable to metal, the light fired right up.

    I opted for the upgraded Hylux ballasts but that's just because I am a do it right the first time kind of guy. But with the warranty DD offers on all their ballasts makes it pretty worry free.

    If you are looking for some really nice lights that don't scream AFTERMARKET, then these are the ones for you.

    Also, the company was great to deal with. I ordered a bunch of other LED's with this order and the whole order was here in 2 days with free shipping and a free t-shirt. Can't beat that!

    I look forward to future business with Diode Dynamics! (Posted on 3/2/14)

  13. Night and Day Difference! Review by Nate

    The kit was very easy to install once I wrapped my head around the fact that I had to leave a plug disconnected due to the relay, which by the way is a must! Some additional pictures or a video would be helpful, not a lot out there on the web for an 05 LGT. Super bright compared to stock headlights and worth every penny. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. Don't hesitate to buy these lights if your in the market! (Posted on 3/1/13)

  14. 2005 legacy GT Review by scyler

    I just purchased and installed the 6000k kit on my 05 Lgt.. I have to say I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! pretty fast shipping,quick easy install,great color! visibility at night is greatly improved,especially during snow storms! I have recommended Diode dynamics kits to all of my friends interested in upgrading to HID's thanks again for a great product! (Posted on 12/15/12)

  15. 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Review by Lucas R

    My lights look great! I immediately noticed much more visibility at night. The installation took no more than 45 mins, and came with easy to follow instructions.

    Lucas R (Posted on 12/14/12)

  16. GREAT PRODUCT Review by Slavko


  17. all around great product Review by Sean

    I have purchased many other brand HID's and been let down before. these have changed my mind on aftermarket lighting. great vendor, fast shipping, respond very fast to problems and questions. I am very happy with my purchase and looking forward to buying more items from diode dynamics. (Posted on 12/2/12)

  18. The Superior HID's Review by Tim

    I got the 6000k kit for Christmas last year. I waited till May to install it. The installation wasn't well documented but most can figure it out based on the design. Get a bit of outdoor silicon to help seal the bulb to the low beam casing.
    GET THE RELAY! I had a friend install a non DD HID kit and didn't get the relay and now he's got spotty functionality from one of the bulbs.
    My last car was a BMW 3 series with stock Xenon HID's. They seems brilliant compared to what I was used to. Now having experienced this kit, I am confident that this is the superior product. Thanks DD for the added safety, visibility and pretentiousness that comes with this kit. (Posted on 11/20/12)

  19. If you're looking to upgrade the poor OEM lighting on your Legacy, this is the solution! Review by Spider96

    I recently bought and installed the Diode Dyanmics 2003-2013 Legacy HID low beam 6k kit. First off, I am kicking myself repeatedly for having wait this long to upgrade the lighting on my 08 LGT. The first night I drove it I thought the headlights had burnt out. Granted, I came from an 07 STI with upgraded TSX lenses and a 6k 55w HID kit from a well known vendor on the STI forums, so I thought ALL other headlights weren't very bright, lol. I bought a pair of the best Silverstars I could find and they worked a little better but still not great. When one burned out the other day, I decided it was time to lay out a little extra $ and light up the night :) After scouring, I came to the conclusion that Diode Dynamic's kits were it only of excellent quality, but affordable as well. And their warranty was hard to beat. I placed my order late Monday night. While the site claimed that the 6k temp was out of stock, it also claimed they'd be back in stock on Sept 7th. Monday was the 10th. So I placed my order, fingers crossed. Shipping was a very reasonable $5, something I believe they refer to as Diode Delivers, or something similar. I opted for the $10 harness as well, although I feel I should mention, the site should be a little more specific as to whether or not you really require this part. I'm not sure if some cars would be fine without it and while it doesn't simplify the install in any real way (there's a transistor to mount and a few extra zip ties), I found it to help clean up the install and the HIDs light up immediately and begin their warm-up. After a few update emails throughout the week, the order arrived on Saturday morning and installed in a few hours. I took my time drilling the dust caps and took a few breaks during the install for various things, so if you really want to, you could install in an hour plus a little. Everything pieced together, the provided grommet is great and easy to push through the dust cap and allows the wires to adjust in and out as needed. Once everything was mounted up, I fired them up and they came on quickly.

    I was skeptical to go with 6k for fear that the lights would be a little too blue and annoying, "ricey" for you haters, lol. I couldn't wait until night time to see how they looked, but when i went outside at 10:30 and fired them up they glowed blue for a few seconds and then turned an intense white. They completely lit up my front yard which my old lows never could.

    I think Diode Dynamics should include a brief harness how-to along with the harness. I, like many others, we're confused as to why there was only one harness plug that connected to the factory harness. Maybe it's common knowledge that the passenger side be left undone, but I had to pull out the iPad and search around before I found an answer. PROBABLY should have just looked on the site first (not sure if it's on here or not), but hindsight is 20/20. Other than that, this kit is awesome. It felt nice and solid, the lights are bright and Diode Dynamics will be getting more business from me in the near future as I upgrade more of the lighting in my car. On that note, the Diode points system is great! Make sure you sign in before you order and you get points to be used for money off future buys. The more you buy, the cheaper stuff gets later on. I forgot to sign in and my points were never added to account, even though the order still showed up under my account...a quick email later and Nick had them added to my account with an apology/confirmation response email. That's good customer service, something that has sadly become uncommon these days. Thanks again DD! (Posted on 9/16/12)

The installation of HIDs consists of three main steps, which are the same for every vehicle. The process is quite straightforward:

  • -Remove factory bulbs and replace with HID bulbs
  • -Connect ballast to bulb plugs
  • -Mount ballast and clean up wiring


The following video shows installation on a Scion FR-S, which is very comparable to installation for most vehicles. The only tedious part for some vehicles will be accessing the bulb itself. Please check your manual, as some vehicles require the removal of the front bumper cover. Still, the installation should only take 60-90 minutes.

Worry-free warranty

  • -Full 3-year warranty on all products
  • -No waiting: we usually send new items out with a return label (US customers only)


You will get quick help from our trained staff for any issues.

All Stage Series products carry a limited 8-year warranty.

For further details, please see our full article.

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