Customer Testimonials


"The installation was very easy, and straight forward. I will say that out of all the aftermarket kits I have seen come and go, that yours seems to fit the best, and looks very tidy when placed in a good spot. Now, I am proud to say the kit that I recently installed in my GTO works flawlessly and shipping was fast. I will continue to recommend your kit to anyone I know, and good job on a great product." - Eric B. 10/2012

"I would like to thank your company for all of the products I have purchased from you. I feel the price is very reasonable, your processing time is great, and delivery is the fastest I have ever seen. Your business practices are most admirable. I had to return my first order back to you, and it went so smoothly, with no hassle. In fact you had called the shop I wanted to install my HID lights and were very friendly with them, and understood that my HID lights would not work on my car. Right then I felt Diode Dynamics would be a great company to do business with. Looking forward to doing more business with you." - John B.

"I just wanted to thank you all, especially Nick with helping me out the last two days over the phone. Great customer service and patience with someone like me who doesn't know much about car electronics. So thank you again!" - Jason W.

"Hi my name is Luigi and over the last couple weeks I've have been lots of business with breanne in your warranty department. I just want to start of by saying she provided the best customer service I have experienced. Even though the situation took several days to solve she was very patient with me and helped in every way I could. As in regards to Diode Dynamics keep up the great work." - Luigi Y.

"I got my hid's from them and im very happy. Every time i have a question or a issue they take care of it. If you are thinking about buy from them do it. Shipping is fast and you can always call and talk to a person. You don't find great service like this too much anymore. I will be getting a hid kit for the fogs and will only buy form them now." - Slowgls on

"I just wanted to thank Nick, Paul, and the guys over at DD for their great customer service. I can't say enough how awesome it is to have a company like this in our community, that takes care of their customers. I don't expect to destroy parts of my car and get new ones for free by any means, but it really makes me feel like a proud customer when a company will step up and replace parts even if it wasn't their fault that the parts got messed up." - LS3SS on Camaro5

"I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service and support. I've gone through your RMA request process twice now for warranty exchanges and it's SO REFRESHING not to be judged, hassled, or given the run around when it comes to dealing with warranty issues. The RMA process is fast and online, and I appreciate that I'm not required to make a phone call only to be put on hold indefinitely like with other vendors. My replacement LED's were always sent and received within a few days, and the return merchandise process is absolutely painless with the provided return shipping label. I will continue to represent your company that has treated me so well over the years of ownership of my car. Your products are top notch and extremely well made. - Andrew Yue 4/15/14


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