FlexLight LED Strip

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FlexLight LED Strip is a direct replacement for any 194 size halogen bulb, or any festoon application. A number of adapters are included with the board so that you can choose the festoon size or 194 base size.
  • Warm White
  • Cool White (6000K)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Green
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FlexLight LED Strip

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FlexLight LED strip is a direct replacement for any 194 size halogen bulb, or any festoon application. A number of adapters are included with the board so that you can choose the festoon size or 194 base size.

By changing the factory bulb to an LED, you can illuminate the area with a much brighter light, and add a pure white, luxury look.

The installation is 100% plug-and-play, just replace your factory bulb.



The Diode Dynamics FlexLight is an LED strip with mounting accessories and plug-and-play adapter, intended to replace your factory trunk light. Since the strip is flexible and durable, it can be installed in any way you prefer, using the mounting type of your choice.

Package includes an SMD strip with 30 SMDs, and these accessories:

  • Velcro strip
  • Adhesive pads
  • Interchangeable wedge and festoon adapters, to fit any trunk light

For carpeted trunks, we recommend Velcro mounting. And for any other trunk, we recommend adhesive mounting, which uses strong 3M outdoor mounting tape.

Included in your order is ONE FlexLight.


These LEDs are available in crisp, bright colors including Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Red, Amber, and Green.

 We strongly recommend cool white or warm white for the best visibility.

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200 Lumens

Lumens: BUYER BEWARE! Most sellers just provide "calculated" lumen numbers, based on the maximum potential brightness of the LED chips on the bulb. For example, if a bulb has five 10-lumen chips, they will rate it at 50 lumens. However, this is not accurate, as the design of an LED bulb does not get rid of heat fast enough to run the LEDs at maximum.

These "calculated" lumen ratings are much, much higher than the true, measured light output, so it will look like competitors' bulbs are brighter than ours. This is because Diode Dynamics does not provide inflated "calculated" numbers; we believe it is misleading. We test the actual brightness of the bulbs in our lab, to provide real lumen output measurements. Our measurements are accurate, but they are usually much lower than the misleading "calculated" figures. Please click here to learn more about LED brightness measurement.



LED Components. Diode Dynamics uses only the highest quality LED chips in the production of its bulbs. This means we use only brand-name suppliers such as Epistar, Cree, Osram, and Samsung.

While our bulbs may look the same as others on the market, most copycat bulbs use economy-grade LED chips in order to reduce costs. This greatly reduces the reliability and overall brightness of the bulb when you compare it to Diode Dynamics.

Construction. Although LED technology allows for extremely long bulb life, the market is flooded with cheap LED bulbs that fail prematurely due to inferior construction. The worst enemy of LEDs is excessive heat, and when bulbs are not designed properly, they do not disperse heat as well, leading to premature failure.

Off-brand, cheap bulbs exhibit poor solder uniformity, high levels of flux in the solder, uneven chip placement, low-gauge terminal wires, poor assembly, and bulbs held together with inferior adhesives. At best, solder joints will crack and fail on low-quality LEDs after a few weeks of use. In the worst case, these bulbs can damage housings as the extra flux and adhesive evaporates and creates a residue on the lens of the housing.

Diode Dynamics bulbs are produced with modern, computerized equipment, and only the best materials, to ensure complete uniformity, high quality, and long bulb life.

All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty. For more information, please view the FAQ guide.

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  1. Fiat 500 13' Review by Victor

    The light is perfect for my hatchback. The FlexLight LED Strip is bright and easy to install. (Posted on 11/17/16)

  2. Amazing quality! Review by George

    I was at a car meet and a friend of mine had a white LED strip in the trunk of his car which I thought was very neat. He told me the strip was expensive but i really liked the look. The link he sent me for his strip was almost triple the price of this one. The fact that it plugs directly into my factory bulb housing and requires no wire splicing is my favorite part about this product on top of the brightness. I got the strip in red and it lights up my entire trunk very well. A friend of mine recommended Diode Dynamics and the quality of the bulbs has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to increase visibility and improve the looks of their vehicles. Not to mention, most other companies have 1-2 year warranties for their products and Diode Dynamics has a 3 year warranty which was one of my main selling points. (Posted on 9/17/16)

  3. I can see!! Review by TonyNap

    The trunk light in my '16 Mustang Convertible was beyond poor. one light placed low and to the left was blocked by anything in the trunk (grocery bags) The FlexLight strip was the perfect solution. Easy to install and it provides ample light. See the photos for this item. I have a red mat in the trunk. An excellent product at a very reasonable price! (Posted on 8/3/16)

  4. Blue Trunk LED Strip Review by Safety

    Installed on the angled metal edge facing toward the front of the vehicle to minimize light spilling out backwards. So far so good on the supplied adhesive. Very pleased with the effect and overall improvement to trunk visibility. (Posted on 6/18/16)

  5. Great purchase Review by Kin lok

    Got em for my 2015 Subaru WRX. Looks great with ample amount of lighting for my trunk. Only mark on these is the adhesive. Didn't really stick well to the metal in my trunk so I used some 3M adhesive and it worked.
    There is also a good length of wiring for this which is great for those who want to wire them to other areas of their car. (Posted on 4/19/16)

  6. Looks Awesome! Review by Krissy

    Great quality! Lights up my subs perfectly :) Only thing I was disappointed about was that the adapters included didn't fit my vehicle. Easy fix, though! Looks great! (Posted on 4/8/16)

  7. Great Product! Review by Michael

    Can be used for many different projects! Very Bright! Love it! (Posted on 3/19/16)

  8. Great product with just 1 flaw... Review by MacTech

    Please my order and received the order in no time. I was impressed. Well packaged and easy to pin point where goes what. Here is the 1 flaw, when ready to install my trunk led strip I found that the 2 leads provided to replace my oem light bulb was not a fit. I called to ask about a replacement thinking it was an error on their end. Apparently they do not make the correct connection for a Dodge Challenger trunk light. I was instructed to cut and splice the wires and connect them direct. Luckily I'm a bit savvy with this so was able to solder the wires to the trunk housing leads. Works like a charm. Excuse my language, but it does look bada$$!! Thanks, MaC (Posted on 2/1/16)

  9. awesome Review by Homero

    got a strip in red for my 02 Grand Prix. excellent product besides the weak adhesive. Not sure if other Grand Prix owners have experienced flickering with trunk LED's but mine only works properly when the interior lights are on. Other than that theyre nice and bright. (Posted on 12/29/15)

  10. Nice and bright ! Review by georgio

    I added a LED single bulb, from a diff source, but that didn't seem bright enough. So I ordered and installed the LED strip for my trunk in a Subaru Legacy. It is quite bright and the plug and play setup makes it a snap to install. (Posted on 12/27/15)

  11. Bright green light Review by Elisa

    The light is bright even for a green. The only reason why I did not put a perfect rating is because when I used the adhesive on my 15 mustang, it did not stay stuck. I ended up buying 3m tape and worked perfectly. No big deal though. :) (Posted on 11/6/15)

  12. Great product, super easy install Review by John

    I combined this flexlight strip with the SDM6 board, I combined the two leads from each's kit into one 194 adapter, twisting the leads together after inserting into the adapter. works just like OEM, and corrects one of Subaru's few engineering shortfalls. The SDM12 board I tried initially, and it does not fit the OE lense. The SDM6 board, I placed a small sliver of the 3M outdoor tape on the bottom of the lense, stuck the board to it, with the wiring for both the SDM6 board, and the flexi strip behind it completely out of sight, makes for an OE installation look.

    My only suggestion would be for the adhesive strips that come with this kit should really be 1 strip for the full length of the LED strip. I happened to have a roll of the 3M outdoor double sided tape from another product, and supplemented the two short strips, with tape the full length of the LED strip. with this set up I was able to attach the LED strip to the felt headliner, and so far so good, Also, FYI, the fine mesh velcro strips that come with this kit do appear to stick to the felt headliner. A full length of that would probably work just as well as the tape.

    I work in Earth City as well, and am happy to support a neighboring business, with a great product! (Posted on 8/29/15)

  13. Great brightness! Review by Rick

    I bought one set for our BRZ and I too had the same problem with it sticking to the metal surface. I had some glue that is for the felt material on a dryer tub so I tried it and have had no problem since. Love how bright the trunk is now. While at the Subaru dealer I showed the trunk off and how bright the lights are now and I had everyone asking where to get them so I told them; Get ahold of Nick S. at Diode dynamics. He'll get you the best LED's for your car." Big Thank you to Nick S. and everyone at Diode Dynamics. Rick (Posted on 8/24/15)

  14. worked great Review by Roger

    Installed these in the footwells in a continental. The plug and play harness was an excellent idea as it 0lugs right into the light socket. Peeled the backing and installed. Very bright and goes well with all the other lighting items I've added to this vehicle. (Posted on 8/11/15)

  15. FlexLight LED Strip Review by gadget

    I mounted 2 of these strips in my trunk. I had the same problem as the other reviewer where the tape didn't stick although I mounted to a flat metal surface and cleaned with alcohol. I remedied in the same fashion with 3M outdoor double side tape.
    All good now, very bright and great customer service, now looking to add under hood lighting from DD (Posted on 5/29/15)

  16. Nice light, and easy install but beware of humidity when installing. Review by Baker

    Down here in Houston, it's muggy and the air is damp due to constant rain. The provided 3M tape on the FlexLight wasn't strong enough to keep it in place, because of the humidity. It fell off within 10 minutes. (THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WASN"T SO HUMID)
    I went to the hardware store and got a roll of 3M mounting tape for 3$. I applied the 3M I purchased to the 3M tape on the back of the light, then peeled the sticker and mounted it to my roof. This took less than 30 seconds and the light will NEVER fall again. The quality and brightness of this light is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cool trunk light.
    I would suggest that DD add more 3M tape or make it an option at purchase for customers in humid areas. Maybe a disclaimer would be more appropriate?
    Bottom line, great product DD.
    Phil and Justin are great guys up there as well! (Posted on 5/15/15)

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